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You have dare to enter the Enchanted and Magik World of The Dark Realms Forum.....
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 Angels Hope

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PostSubject: Angels Hope   Sat 28 Aug 2010 - 21:20

Life as Angels and fallen angels hope has runed down hill and leaving them in a war. There are some times when no one could help no one all breaks out and fails. The leaders raly check up on each kind only leving them in the dark. but not one but 4 angels/ fallen angels would do anything to bering back the peace that was once there before the war. will they be able to stop the war. or will they all die.

~Charater Sheet~
Fallen angel/angel:

I need atlease the 4 main ones but there can be a number of people as many people join lol and you can double.

Name: Myra Neverwing
Age: looks 16 but is really 134
Fallen angel/angel: Fallen Angel
Bio: After years of being told what to do she only disobeyd the angel leader that once and became fallen. She is one of the four who would help end this war once and forall.
Open please join!
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Angels Hope
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